Title Content type
Advanced research seminar on audio description (ARSAD 2017) Event
Machine translation and audio description? Comparing creation, translation and post-editing efforts Publication
Speaker diarization and speech recognition in the semi-automatization of audio description. An exploratory study on future possibilities Publication
Building an audio description multilingual multimodal corpus. The VIW project Conference Presentation
The ALST project. Technologies for audiovisual translation Conference Presentation
Forum IA responsable Event
Nuevos Enfoques sobre Accesibilidad. Modalidades Híbridas, Inmersión y Tecnología en Audiodescripción Project
Visuals Into Words Project
Large scale game accessibility Conference Presentation
Profession of an audiovisual translator from A to Z - Module 2. Digital accessibility and audio description. Event
ERGA special task report on the provision of greater accessibility to audiovisual media services for persons with disabilities Publication
Barrier-free communication conference 2018 Event
From "Slicing Bananas" to "Pluto the Dog". Human and automatic approaches to visual storytelling Conference Presentation
Integrated workflows for automatic processing of speech and language Conference Presentation
EasyTV. Easing the Access of Europeans with Disabilities to Converging Media and Content Project
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Machine translation evaluation through post-editing measures in audio description Publication
Diseño, desarrollo y evaluación de sistemas de traducción automática para reducir las barreras de comunicación de las personas sordas Publication
Accessibility in digital cinema. A proposal for generation and distribution of audio description Publication
Are synthesized video descriptions acceptable? Publication