Title Content type
Putting it into words. The impact of visual impairment on perception, experience and presence Publication
Audio description. New perspectives illustrated Publication
Ear-voice span and pauses in intra- and interlingual respeaking. An exploratory study into temporary aspects of the respeaking process Publication
Reading function and content words in subtitled videos Publication
Respeaking. Process, Competences, Quality Project
Audiovisual translation in close-up. Practical and theoretical approaches Publication
Characteristics and practices of sign language interpreters in inclusive education programs Publication
Translating multimodalities Publication
Playing the whole story. Narrative, immersion and story completion in "Heavy Rain" Conference Presentation
The importance of being relevant? The benefits of using pragmatic and cognitive approaches to conceptualise audio description Conference Presentation
UMAQ conference. Progamme online News
Simultaneity in signed languages. Form and function Publication
Measuring the impact of multimodal redundancy on the processing of AVT Conference Presentation
Cognitive load in multimodal and multilingual text processing Conference Presentation
An overview of audiovisual translation. Four methodological turns in a mature discipline Publication
Meilės emocijų raiška audiovizualinėje plotmėje Publication
Two or three lines. A mixed-methods study on subtitle processing and preferences Publication
The cognitive effectiveness of subtitle processing Publication
Dubbing and subtitling in young and older adults. Cognitive and evaluative aspects Publication
Watching translated audiovisuals. Does age really matter? Publication