Title Content type
Ear-voice span and pauses in intra- and interlingual respeaking. An exploratory study into temporary aspects of the respeaking process Publication
Respeaking. Process, Competences, Quality Project
Translating multimodalities Publication
UMAQ conference. Progamme online News
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Media for All 2021 and ARSAD 2021: save the date! News
Improving video captioning for deaf and hearing-impaired people based on eye movement and attention overload Publication
Opening eyes to opera. The process of translation for blind and partially-sighted audiences Publication
Speech technologies for blind and low vision persons Publication
Audio description and textuality Publication
Different viewers, different needs. Personal subtitles for Danish TV? Publication
Orality and film subtitling. The riches of punctuation Publication
Audio description from the point of view of the describer Publication
Intralingual open subtitling in Flanders. Audiovisual translation, linguistic variation and audience needs Publication
Television literacy. Comprehension of program content using closed captioned for the deaf Publication
Viewer reaction to different television captioning speeds Publication
Closed-captioned television presentation speed and vocabulary Publication
Una gramática local del guión audiodescrito. Desde la semántica a la pragmática de un nuevo tipo de traducción Publication
Transfer and construction of identity and culture in audiovisual feature film translation for the Italian deaf community Publication
Digital captioning. Effects of color coding and placement in synchronized text-audio presentations Publication