Title Content type
Main challenges in the translation of documentaries Publication
Building an audio description multilingual multimodal corpus. The VIW project Conference Presentation
Visuals Into Words Project
CALING corpus. Students’ production and evaluation of audio descriptions Conference Presentation
The language of Dutch AD. First results of a corpus-based study Conference Presentation
Audio description of film characters. A corpus based study Conference Presentation
Dubbing dialogues naturally. A pragmatic approach to the translation of transition markers in dubbing Publication
Naturalness in the Spanish dubbing language. A case of not-so-close friends Publication
One short film, different audio descriptions. Analysing the language of audio descriptions created by students and professionals Publication
Audio descriptive guides in art museums. A corpus-based semantic analysis Publication
Of bad hombres and nasty women. The quality of the live closed captioning in the 2016 US final presidential debate Publication
Corpus-based audiovisual translation studies. Ample room for development Publication
Multimodal corpora in audiovisual translation studies Publication
Discourse analysis, pragmatics, multimodal analysis Publication
IX Congreso AIETI Event
La audiodescripción del género cine de humor. Análisis desde un corpus anotado Publication
A look into the describer’s head. Results of the ADDit! project Conference Presentation
A catalogue of errors. Lessons for students from professional audio description of live performances Conference Presentation
Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing. A corpus-based methodology for the analysis of subtitles with a focus on segmentation and deletion Publication
A socio-cultural study of taboo rendition in Persian fansubbing. An issue of resistance Publication