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Fun for All. 5th International Conference on Game Translation and Accessibility News
Fun for all. 5th International conference on game translation and accessibility Event
Scribit Project
UMAQ conference. Understanding quality in media accessibility Event
Advanced research seminar on audio description (ARSAD 2017) Event
Improvement of quality in the localization of Android videogames. Updates for existing videogames based in user-generated feedback Conference Presentation
Translation and accessibility in transmedia storytelling Conference Presentation
Accessibility crowdsourced services. Can an amateur crowd help the functionally diverse? Conference Presentation
Reception study on the users of a crowdsourcing platform for Catalan Sign Language interpretation videos Conference Presentation
Video game localisation via crowdsourcing. A crowdsourced localisation model based on "Wasteland 2" case study Conference Presentation
EasyTV. Easing the Access of Europeans with Disabilities to Converging Media and Content Project
Exploring collaborative reverse subtitling for the enhancement of written production activities in English as a second language Publication
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Scribit. Crowdsourced TTS audio description for Youtube online video Conference Presentation
Collaborative networks to provide media accessibility. The potential of social subtitling Publication
Listening to images. Exploring alternate access to a digital collection Publication
Fansubbing anime. Insights into the "butterfly effect" of globalisation on audiovisual translation Publication
Collaboration and crowdsourcing in "Calais children. A case to answer". Subtitling strategies in documentary films Conference Presentation
Media for All 2021 and ARSAD 2021: save the date! News
Fandubbing across time and space. From dubbing "by fans for fans" to cyberdubbing Publication