Title Content type
Audio description. New perspectives illustrated Publication
The didactics of audiovisual translation Publication
Audiovisual translation in close-up. Practical and theoretical approaches Publication
Fun for All. 5th International Conference on Game Translation and Accessibility News
Fun for all. 5th International conference on game translation and accessibility Event
Subtitling norms for television Publication
Audiovisual translation. Subtitling Publication
Advanced research seminar on audio description (ARSAD 2017) Event
Tecnologías accesibles, traducción audiovisual y comunicación de masas Event
The transformations of the expression of humour in audiovisual translation Publication
Witty ways wit works. The translation of puns in dubbed animation Publication
Audiovisual translation in the digital age. The Italian fansubbing phenomenon Publication
La traducción del humor y de referentes culturales en "Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon dieu?" Conference Presentation
Dubbing as a type of audiovisual translation. A study of its methods and constraints focusing on "Shrek 2" Publication
Media for All 2021 and ARSAD 2021: save the date! News
Sleeping with the fishes. Italian Americans in animation Publication
The new norm(al) in TV comedy. Rendering culturally-derived humour in "The New Normal" Publication
El eufemismo y disfemismo en la traducción de la comedia. Un estudio comparativo entre el subtitulado y el doblaje Publication
Representing varieties of English in film language and dubbing. The case of Indian English Publication
The translatability of accent humour: Canadian English in How I met your mother Publication