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Fun for All. 5th International Conference on Game Translation and Accessibility News
Fun for all. 5th International conference on game translation and accessibility Event
Audiovisual translation. Subtitling Publication
Advanced research seminar on audio description (ARSAD 2017) Event
In support of creative subtitling. Contemporary context and theoretical framework Publication
The reception of (non)professional subtitling Publication
Translation and accessibility in transmedia storytelling Conference Presentation
Fan translation. Production and transformation Conference Presentation
The fandubbing phenomenon. An international perspective Conference Presentation
Translating fun for fun. Fan localisation of digital games in China Conference Presentation
Localization of indie games and the phenomenon of fan translations Conference Presentation
Video game localisation via crowdsourcing. A crowdsourced localisation model based on "Wasteland 2" case study Conference Presentation
Fansubbing in subtitling land. An investigation into the nature of fansubs in Sweden Publication
Genetically modified TV, or the manipulation of US television series in Italy Publication
Audiovisual translation in the digital age. The Italian fansubbing phenomenon Publication
Audiovisual translation and fandom Publication
New audiences, international distribution, and translation Publication
Non-professional subtitling in Italy. The challenges of translating humour and taboo language Publication
La sottotitolazione sperimentale degli anime e le norme contravvenute. Cosa ci dicono i tracciati oculari Publication
Translation of digitized filmstrips. Sociocultural aspects and pedagogical potential Publication