Title Content type
Audio description. New perspectives illustrated Publication
Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing in multilingual films Publication
Audiovisual translation in close-up. Practical and theoretical approaches Publication
Accessible filmmaking. Joining the dots between audiovisual translation, accessibility and filmmaking Publication
Translation goes to the movies Publication
Translation as alchemy. The aesthetics of multilingualism in film Publication
Multilingualism in the movies. Hollywood characters and their language choices Publication
Translating popular film Publication
Intergenerational verbal conflicts, plurilingualism and banlieue cinema Publication
Heterolingualism in audiovisual translation. "De Zaak Alzheimer / La Memoria del Asesino" Publication
La parole aux images, ou multilinguisme et traduction dans les films de John McTiernan Publication
The power of the treacherous interpreter. Multilingualism in Jacques Audiard’s "Un prophète" Publication
Alfred Hitchcock presents: Multilingualism as a vehicle for… suspense. The Italian dubbing of Hitchcock’s multilingual films Publication
The reasons for and implications of multilingualism in "Une bouteille à la mer" Publication
Codeswitching and multicultural identity in screen translation Publication
Translating heterolingual audiovisual humor. Beyond the blinkers of traditional thinking Publication
Subtitling and the relevance of non-verbal information in polyglot films Publication
Language variation in source texts and their translations. The case of L3 in film translation Publication
Le sous-titrage dans le cinéma américain. De la plaisanterie à la nécessité dramatique Publication
Good morning, grade one. Language ideologies and multilingualism within primary education in rural Zambia Publication