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Media Accessibility Platform International Conference News
Fun for All. 5th International Conference on Game Translation and Accessibility News
Fun for all. 5th International conference on game translation and accessibility Event
CFP: UMAQ conference. Understanding quality in media accessibility News
UMAQ conference. Understanding quality in media accessibility Event
Towards defining the role of localisation professionals in the achievement of multilingual web accessibility Publication
The multilingual web (MLW) project. A collaborative approach and a challenge for translation studies Publication
Tecnologías accesibles, traducción audiovisual y comunicación de masas Event
Large scale game accessibility Conference Presentation
The importance of game localization in capturing international markets Conference Presentation
Localising video games into Turkish. "Crysis 2" as a case study Conference Presentation
How can translators make videogames accessible? Proposal with open-source software for cognitive impaired users Conference Presentation
Facing cultural barriers in dating sims Conference Presentation
TradCloud. A new tool for collaborative translation Conference Presentation
Theory and practice of games localisation. Academic training vs professional reality in Spain and the United Kingdom Conference Presentation
Improvement of quality in the localization of Android videogames. Updates for existing videogames based in user-generated feedback Conference Presentation
Localizing scripts that simultaneously provide distinctive identity features and essential gameplay tools Conference Presentation
Child's play? Common pitfalls in the videogames localisation industry Conference Presentation
Developing information and technology best practices for video game translators Conference Presentation
The translation of linguistic variation in video games. A case study of "World of Warcraft" Conference Presentation