Title Content type
Ear-voice span and pauses in intra- and interlingual respeaking. An exploratory study into temporary aspects of the respeaking process Publication
Respeaking. Process, Competences, Quality Project
Soporte tecnológico al subtitulado Publication
Tecnologías accesibles, traducción audiovisual y comunicación de masas Event
IX Congreso de accesibilidad a los medios audiovisuales para personas con discapacidad. AMADIS 2018 Event
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Text-to-speech audio description. Towards wider availability of AD Publication
Reading optimally builds on spoken language. Implications for deaf readers Publication
Media for All 2021 and ARSAD 2021: save the date! News
Computer-assisted closed-captioning of live TV broadcasts in French Publication
New insights into audiovisual translation and media accessibility. Media for all 2 Publication
Il caso della narrazione voice-over in "Blade Runner" e della sua spiegabile scomparsa Publication
Respeaking the TV for the deaf. For a real special needs-oriented subtitling Publication
La sottotitolazione in diretta TV. Analisi strategica del rispeakeraggio verbatim di BBC News Publication
Respeaking the BBC news. A strategic analysis of respeaking on the BBC Publication
Measuring audiovisual translation. A model for the analysis of intralingual live subtitling Publication
Speech recognition in assisted live subtitling for televison Publication
Revoicing the alien in documentaries. Cultural agency, norms and the translation of audiovisual reality Publication
Speech technologies for blind and low vision persons Publication
Italians and television. A comparative study of the reception of subtitling and voice-over Publication