Title Content type
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Translation and the media conference Event
Audiodeskrypcja na lekcji historii, biologii i fizyki w klasie uczniów z dysfunkcja wzroku Publication
Subtitulación para personas sordas. Metodología de aprendizaje-servicio en el aula de traducción audiovisual Publication
Audio description as a pedagogical tool Publication
Real-time closed-caption television as an educational tool Publication
Emotional subtitles. A system and potential applications for deaf and hearing impaired people Publication
The use of audio description in foreign language education. A preliminary approach Publication
An available university. Audiovisual contents accessible for teaching and self-learning Publication
Best practices in interpreter-mediated encounters with a visually impaired client Publication
Media accessibility. Current research and new hybrid scenarios Conference Presentation
Nous espais d'aprenentatge per a noves necessitats de formació. Els projectes europeus ACT i ADLAB PRO com a exemples d'innovació docent Publication
Expanding translation training to accessibility. The ACT and ADLAB PRO projects Conference Presentation
User-centric methodologies in research Event
MuTra 2006. Audiovisual translation scenarios. Conference proceedings Publication
Media for All 2021 and ARSAD 2021: save the date! News
Creative audiovisual translation applied to foreign language education. A preliminary approach Publication
Accessibilitat i traducció audiovisual Publication
Feasibility, quality and assessment of interlingual live subtitling. A pilot study Publication
Training future describers. A practice report from an audio description classroom Publication