Title Content type
The nature of accessibility studies Publication
La imagen dinámica. Parámetros de análisis para su traducción Publication
A method for analysing multimodal research material. Audio description in focus Publication
Multimodal representation and intermodal similarity. Cues of space in the audio description of film Publication
Multimodality and multi-sensoriality as basis for access to knowledge in translation. The case of audio description of colour and movement? Publication
Studying the language of Dutch audio description. An example of a corpus-based analysis Publication
Audio Description in Dutch. A corpus-based study into the linguistic features of a new, multimodal text type Publication
Traducción y accesibilidad en el museo del siglo XXI Publication
Investigating effective audio guiding. A multimodal comparison of the genre in Italian and English Publication
From paratext to polysemiotic network. A holistic approach to the study of subtitled films Publication
Multimodalidad en el subtitulado de cuentos interactivos. El caso de Babel con EC+ Publication
Best practices in interpreter-mediated encounters with a visually impaired client Publication
Liaison interpreting and multimodality. A case study Publication
Tracking multimodal cohesion in audio description. Examples from a Dutch audio description corpus Publication
Multimodality and dubbing in video games. A research approach Publication
Concept selection and translation strategy. Subtitling for the deaf based on corpus analysis Publication
Multimodal Translation with the Blind Project
Introducing multidimensional translation Publication
Media accessibility. Current research and new hybrid scenarios Conference Presentation
Towards an understanding of AVT as multimodal mediation Conference Presentation