Title Content type
Ear-voice span and pauses in intra- and interlingual respeaking. An exploratory study into temporary aspects of the respeaking process Publication
Respeaking. Process, Competences, Quality Project
Soporte tecnológico al subtitulado Publication
Speaker diarization and speech recognition in the semi-automatization of audio description. An exploratory study on future possibilities Publication
Tecnologías accesibles, traducción audiovisual y comunicación de masas Event
The ALST project. Technologies for audiovisual translation Conference Presentation
IX Congreso de accesibilidad a los medios audiovisuales para personas con discapacidad. AMADIS 2018 Event
Live Text Access Project
Integrated workflows for automatic processing of speech and language Conference Presentation
Audio description. Evolving recommendations for usable, effective, and enjoyable practices Publication
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Voice-over and self-narrative in film. Multimodal analysis of Antonioni's when love fails Publication
Translating Veditz Publication
Text-to-speech audio description. Towards wider availability of AD Publication
Study on the semi-automatisation of the translation and voicing of audio descriptions Publication
Captioning of live TV programs through speech recognition and re-speaking Publication
Respeak. A voice-based, crowd-powered speech transcription system Publication
Locução e audiodescrição nos estudos de tradução audiovisual Publication
Reading optimally builds on spoken language. Implications for deaf readers Publication
Intralingual speech-to-text conversation in real time. Challenges and opportunities Publication