Title Content type
Surtitrer. Enjeux, licences et contraintes Publication
Polish voice-over of “In excelsis Deo”. Technical constraints and critical points in translation decision-making Publication
Providing synthesized audio description for online videos Publication
Advanced research seminar on audio description (ARSAD 2017) Event
The ALST project. Technologies for audiovisual translation Conference Presentation
Exploring the use of synthetic speech by blind and partially sighted people Publication
User attitudes towards synthetic speech for talking books Publication
Annotation-based video enrichment for blind people. A pilot study on the use of earcons and speech synthesis Publication
Methodological considerations for the evaluation of TTS AD’s acceptance in the Catalan context Conference Presentation
MOOC on Media Accessibility Training Course
Reception study of artificial voices in audio description in China Conference Presentation
From "Slicing Bananas" to "Pluto the Dog". Human and automatic approaches to visual storytelling Conference Presentation
EasyTV. Easing the Access of Europeans with Disabilities to Converging Media and Content Project
Text-to-speech voice-over? A study on user preferences in the voicing of wildlife documentaries Publication
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Text-to-speech audio description of educational materials for visually impaired children Publication
Translating Veditz Publication
Text-to-speech audio description. Towards wider availability of AD Publication
Study on the semi-automatisation of the translation and voicing of audio descriptions Publication
Scribit. Crowdsourced TTS audio description for Youtube online video Conference Presentation