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Teaching AVT research at BA level? Some questions and tentative answers from a local perspective Conference Presentation
Films with audio description as an additional didactic tool in foreign language learning. A case study with preschool children with and without vision impairments Conference Presentation
Perception of audio description in educational settings. A qualitative research with teachers from special schools for blind and low-sighted children in Poland Conference Presentation
Technical and linguistic accessibility. Teaching and training audiovisual translators at a university level Conference Presentation
Training and certification of professionals in media accessibility Conference Presentation
Audiodescrição didática Publication
Translating in the multimodal museographic space Conference Presentation
Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Revoicing and Captioning of Clips Project
A audiodescrição na mediação dealunos com deficiência visual no ensino médio. Um estudo com a disciplina de geografia Publication
How to design a language learning syllabus based on accessibility modalities? Conference Presentation
Adaptation of educational material to the needs of students with sight disability Event
Exploring collaborative reverse subtitling for the enhancement of written production activities in English as a second language Publication
Audiovisual translator training Publication
Audiovisual translation in language teaching and learning Publication
Audio description. A laboratory for the development of a new professional profile Conference Presentation
Audio description professional. Profile definition (IO2) Conference Presentation
La interpretación de lengua de signos en la universidad Conference Presentation
IX Congreso AIETI Event
Del estudio de doblaje al aula de TAV. La práctica profesional en la formación del traductor audiovisual Publication
La audiodescripción como herramienta didáctica para el aprendizaje del proceso de traducción Publication