Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
"Fontane Effi Briest" (1974), de Fassbinder. Los subtítulos en una película con predominio del texto Publication Book chapter
Access services for the blind and partially sighted. A social and legal framework for the promotion of audio description Publication Book chapter
Audio description from an easy-to-understand language perspective. A corpus-based study in Catalan Publication Journal article
Audio description meets easy-to-read and plain language. Results from a questionnaire and a focus group in Catalonia Publication Journal article
Can acessible ICT tools foster migrant integration in European countries? Publication Journal article
Designing, making, and validating accessible products and services. An updated account of users’ perspectives Publication Journal article
El experto en lenguaje fácil de comprender. Un nuevo perfil educativo y profesional en el ámbito de la lengua española Publication Journal article
El inglés biosanitario en YouTube. Recepción del uso de series y subtitulado en vídeos de aprendizaje Publication Journal article
Subtitling slam poetry for the d/deaf and hard of hearing audiences. An account of specific challenges and solutions Publication Journal article
Subtitling television series. A corpus-driven study of police procedurals Publication Book
The HispaTAV translation techniques for subtitling. A new pedagogical resource for audiovisual translation students Publication Journal article
The treatment of multilingualism in Catalan-Spanish audiovisual translation. A case study of "The hockey girls" Publication Journal article
The UNIVAC project. Implementing the user journey approach in accessibility research at university Publication Book chapter