Type: Publication
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Audio description translation. A pilot study Chinese/Spanish Publication Book chapter
Broadcasting and accessibility services currently offered for deaf and hard of hearing viewers by Catalan-language broadcasters Publication Journal article
Serveis d'accessibilitat sensorial a les televisions catalanes. Situació actual, necessitats i propostes de futur. Informe final. Publication Report
Serveis d’accessibilitat sensorial a les televisions que emeten en català. Situació actual i propostes de futur Publication Journal article
T(ime) T(o) S(tart) synthesising audio description in China? Results of a reception study Publication Journal article
Television in Catalan for all. A study on sensory accessibility services in Catalan-language broadcasters Publication Journal article
The customer is always right. Study on Chinese persons with sight loss’ opinion on audio description Publication Journal article
Usability as a premise of quality. First steps towards the validation of the System Usability Scale (SUS) into Spanish Publication Journal article
User profiling in audio description reception studies. Questionnaires for all Publication Journal article
User requirements when designing learning e-content. Interaction for all Publication Book chapter
User-centric approaches in access services evaluation. Profiling the end user Publication Book chapter
When East meets West. A Comparison of audio description guidelines in China and Europe Publication Journal article
Who is currently audio describing in China? A study of Chinese audio describer profiles Publication Journal article
Type: Conference Presentation
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Listening to Chinese blind and partially-sighted users. A questionnaire-based study Conference Presentation
Reception study of artificial voices in audio description in China Conference Presentation
SASTV Conference Presentation
Shanghai audiodescriptors profile Conference Presentation
State-of-the-art of AD standards Conference Presentation