Type: Publication
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Accessing access. The importance of pre‑visit information to the attendance of people with sight loss at live audio described events Publication Journal article
An introduction to audio description. A practical guide Publication Book
Audio describing "Ocean’s Eleven" scene 12 out of context. Decision points in AD drafting Publication Journal article
Audio description as audio drama. A practitioner's point of view Publication Journal article
Audio drama and the imagination. The influence of sound effects on presence in people with and without sight Publication Journal article
Audiointroductions Publication Book chapter
Can you feel what I'm saying? The impact of verbal information on emotion elicitation and presence in people with a visual impairment Publication Book chapter
Cinematic language and the description of film. Keeping AD users in the frame Publication Journal article
Could audio described films benefit from audio introductions? A reception study with AD users Publication Journal article
Could audio-described films benefit from audio introductions? An audience response study Publication Journal article
Creative description. The impact of audio description style on presence in visually impaired audiences Publication Journal article
Directing in reverse Publication Book chapter
Enriched audio description. Working towards an inclusive museum experience Publication Book chapter
Erasure or over-exposure? Finding the balance in describing diversity Publication Journal article