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Accounting for multilingual films in translation studies. Intratextual translation in dubbing Publication Book chapter
Censoring Lolita's sense of humour. When translating affects the audience's perception Publication Journal article
Conversation as a unit of film analysis. Databases of L3 translation and audiovisual samples of multilingualism Publication Journal article
Dubbing and the non-verbal dimension of translation Publication Book chapter
How multilingual can a dubbed film be? Language combinations and national traditions as determining factors Publication Journal article
How Spanish in an American film is rendered in translation. Dubbing "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" in Spain Publication Journal article
La traducción audiovisual. Investigación, enseñanza y profesión Publication Edited book
La traducción de entrevistas para voice-over Publication Book chapter
Language variation in source texts and their translations. The case of L3 in film translation Publication Journal article
Reflexiones sobre la investigación en traducción audiovisual Publication Book chapter
Teoría y traducción audiovisual Publication Book chapter
The role of humour in AVT. AVHT Publication Book chapter
Translating audiovisuals in a kaleidoscope of languages Publication Edited book
Translating code-switching on the screen. Spanglish and L3 as theme Publication Journal article
Translating heterolingual audiovisual humor. Beyond the blinkers of traditional thinking Publication Book chapter
Translation in constrained communication and entertainment Publication Book chapter
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El poliedro de la traducción audiovisual. ¿Qué cara tiene el humor? Conference Presentation