Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Audio description 2.0. Re-versioning audiovisual accessibility to assist emotion recognition Publication Book chapter
Audio description from a discourse perspective. A socially relevant framework for research and training Publication Journal article
Audio Description with audio subtitling. An emergent modality of audiovisual localisation Publication Journal article
Audiodescription research. State of the art and beyond Publication Journal article
Automating audio description Publication Book chapter
Comparing human and automated approaches to visual storytelling Publication Book chapter
Creating coherence in audio description Publication Journal article
Easier audio description. Exploring the potential of easy-to-read principles in simplifying AD Publication Book chapter
Film language, film experience and film interpretation in a reception study comparing conventional and interpretative audio description styles Publication Book chapter
Finding the right words. Investigating machine-generated video description quality using a human-derived corpora approach Publication Journal article
Here or there? An assessment of video remote signed language interpreter-mediated interaction in court Publication Book chapter
Immersion, presence and engagement in audio described material Publication Book chapter
Innovation in audio description research Publication Edited book
Introduction. Mapping new horizons in audio description research Publication Book chapter
Mainstreaming audio description through technology Publication Book chapter