Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Archival resources and uncertainties in film retranslation research Publication Journal article
Are we all together across languages? An eye tracking study of original and dubbed films Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation in the age of digital transformation. Industrial and social implications Publication Book chapter
Auteur dubbing. Translation, performance and authorial control in the dubbed versions of Stanley Kubrick’s films Publication Book chapter
Censorship or profit? The manipulation of dialogue in dubbed youth films Publication Journal article
Constructing youth identities in dubbed movies. A view from Italy Publication Book chapter
English films vs. Italian films. A comparative analysis via the Pavia Corpus of Film Dialogue and the WordSmith Tools Publication Book chapter
Exploring the sensory dimension of translated films. An analysis of "The king's speech" Publication Journal article
Fandubbing across time and space. From dubbing "by fans for fans" to cyberdubbing Publication Book chapter
Historical approaches to AVT reception. Methods, issues and perspectives Publication Book chapter
Intersections. Audiovisual translation at the crossroads of disciplines Publication Journal article
Locked into dubbing. Retracing the origins, establishment and fortune of Italy's mainstream AVT practice Publication Book chapter
Looking behind the scenes. An analysis of dialogue lists for "Ocean's Eleven" Publication Journal article
More than words can say. Exploring prosodic variation in dubbing Publication Book chapter
Reassessing dubbing. Historical approaches and current trends Publication Edited book
Representing orality through questions in original and translated film dialogue Publication Book chapter
Sleeping with the fishes. Italian Americans in animation Publication Book chapter
The challenges and opportunities of audiovisual translation. An interview with Frederic Chaume Publication Journal article