Below a list of conference presentations dealing with media accessibility. Conference presentations can be listed according to "Title" or "Date" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Conference presentations
Title Date Author(s)
Designing with voices. The challenges of presenting and sound editing in audio description 20/04/2023-21/04/2023 Bernd Benecke
Is it art? Or is it audio description? Experiments on the boundaries of media accessibility 20/04/2023-21/04/2023 Brett Oppegaard
Spatiotemporal description of events in AD. The role of cognitive aspects and voice quality 20/04/2023-21/04/2023 Roger Johansson, Jana Holsanova, Viveka Lyberg-Åhlander, Erika Sombeck, Tina Rastegar
From theatre podcast to audio introductions and back 20/04/2023-21/04/2023 Irene Hermosa-Ramírez, Nina Reviers
The art of difficult describing. How language, society and the televisual landscape shape the way we audio describe race, gender, disability and nudity 20/04/2023-21/04/2023 Marie Campbell
Audio description of illustrated books. A multimodal reading proposal 20/04/2023-21/04/2023 Adriana da Paixão Santos
Communicating with hearing-impaired, foreign patients, or through physical barriers. ABC Stereo project overview and data gathered so far 19/04/2023 Ottavia Carlino
The quality of automatic and human live captions in English and beyond 19/04/2023 Pablo Romero-Fresco, Nazaret Fresno
The use of blockchain in media accessibility services 19/04/2023 Iris Serrat Roozen, Estel·la Oncins
Measuring the quality of interlingual live subtitles via respeaking. Insights from the SMART project 19/04/2023 Elena Davitti, Annalisa Sandrelli
Automatic live subtitling in Spain. The quality of bilingual TV newscasts 19/04/2023 María Rico Vázquez
NERstar 19/04/2023 Juan Martínez Pérez
Evaluating an automatic live subtitling translator for citizen journalism 19/04/2023 Pilar Orero
Automatic speech recognition in Spain. The Basque and Catalan case 19/04/2023 Ana Tamayo, Irene de Higes Andino
Subtitling immersive journalism experiences 19/04/2023 Nico Patz
Eye gaze behaviour and comprehension of colour commentary and gameplay captions of live fast-paced sports for deaf and hard of hearing television viewers 19/04/2023 Somang Nam, Maria Karam, Tatyana Kumarasamy, Margot Whitfield, Deborah Fels
Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing and AD in the EFL classroom 22/03/2023-24/03/2023 Micòl Beseghi
Making serious games accessible to players with cognitive disabilities 22/03/2023-24/03/2023 Miguel Ángel Oliva-Zamora
Audiovisual translation as a tool in teaching and learning the native language 22/03/2023-24/03/2023 Sattar Izwaini
English language dubs in foreign language education. A focus on translated culture on screen 22/03/2023-24/03/2023 Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano, Carla Botella Tejera, María del Mar Ogea Pozo