ACT and ADLAB PRO projects
Conference name
I Media Accesibility Platform International Conference
This paper will present two on-going European projects funded under the Erasmus + scheme: ACT and ADLAB PRO. Both projects share an interest in defining the skills needed to provide access services, and in creating materials to actually train professionals. ACT, led by Pilar Orero at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2015-2018), has eight key steps: (i) profiling accessibility in Europe; (ii) defining the media accessibility manager profile; (iii) proposing a learning curriculum; (iv) developing, testing and implementing a MOOC; (v) searching certification strategies; (vi) developing guidelines on how to create an accessible co-production; (vii) developing an accessibility policy, and (vii) proposing how to implement an accessibility quality label. ADLAB-PRO, led by Elisa Perego at Università di Trieste (2016-2019), has six key steps: (i) assessing current audio description training practices; (ii) defining the profile of the audio description professional; (iii) designing a course; (iv) developing course content; (v) evaluating and testing, and (vi) course accreditation and recognition. The presentation will present both projects to the audience, highlighting the results achieved so far.
Submitted by Belén Agulló on Mon, 16/09/2019 - 09:02