AD to promote translator’s idiomaticity. On the practice with pronominal verbs in Spanish
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1st International conference on didactic audiovisual translation and media accessibility
In line with previous studies (Alonso-Perez & Sánchez-Requena 2018, Talavan et al. 2022), this study seeks to explore the scope of integrating audio description (AD) in the translation classroom as a pedagogical tool to improve translators’ idiomatic competence. The focus is on the use of pronominal verbs (PVs) in Spanish, one of the more controversial topics in Spanish grammar (Mendikoetxea 1999). The purpose is to investigate whether Belgian Dutch-speaking students of translation with a B2 level in Spanish can obtain a better grasp of the use of Spanish PVs by performing AD tasks.

A study has been carried out involving 58 students of the third year of the Bachelor’s degree of the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication of the Faculty of Arts of Ghent University (Belgium). We used a Spanish dubbed clip of Match Point (Woody Allen, 2006), which includes a Spanish AD. The criterion to select this clip was the high number of PVs that occur in the AD. A control group (CG) had to translate a written Dutch AD script (ADS), prepared by the tutor, into Spanish (reverse translation); the experimental group (EG) had to produce the Spanish ADS of the same clip (direct writing). Their use of PVs was analysed and compared. Also, all the texts of the Belgian students were compared to the same texts created by 46 Spanish Erasmus students. The results show that both groups of Belgian students used significantly fewer PVs than their Spanish counterparts, especially those in the EG. However, in the post test they did after a review phase, the students of the EG showed significant improvement and their level of attainment was much higher than that of the students in the CG. Additionally, in the final questionnaire, the students of the EG indicated that the AD tasks were more motivating than traditional translation tasks.
Submitted by miguelaoz on Mon, 26/06/2023 - 10:10