Audio description in Hong Kong. End user’s needs and preferences
Conference name
Arsad 2019
The number of people with visual impairment is estimated to be at around 174,800, according to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (2014). However, the development of audio description (AD) in this territory is in its infant stage, particularly when compared with the long history of AD services – for almost 30 years – established in the UK and the USA. In the absence of media accessibility legislation, AD services in Hong Kong are only offered by local, non-governmental organsations, for example, Audio Description Association (Hong Kong). More studies should be conducted on the actual needs of the target audience.

This paper will present the results of a project, which is the first study ever conducted on AD in Hong Kong. The views of 44 blind and partially sighted participants have been elicited through individual face-to-face interviews to identify their needs, preferences and expectations as regards to the provision of AD services in Hong Kong. The findings here presented will provide not only a detailed insight into the current situation of AD in Hong Kong, but it is also expected that the feedback provided by the real users of AD can be used as a catalyst for future training for describers and the development of more established AD services in the Chinese world.
Submitted by Irene Tor on Sun, 14/04/2019 - 05:59