An empirical study on the proficiency of audiovisual programmes on Chinese students’ autonomous English learning
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1st International conference on didactic audiovisual translation and media accessibility
Audiovisual programmes have been widely used in classroom English teaching in China. However, it is not clear to what extent watching audiovisual programmes is beneficial to students’ autonomous English learning. Through the method of empirical research, this study attempts to investigates the proficiency of watching subtitled English programmes on Chinese students’ autonomous English learning. For the purpose of the present study, 200 college students in English major were selected as research subjects. A ten-minute audiovisual programme including academic talk, lecture and non-academic drama and film subtitled into Chinese were compiled as research materials. Questionnaires were used after watching the programme to test participants’ listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. Results of the present study would contribute to the research on the proficiency of audiovisual programmes on English learning and may be able to find the factors that affect Chinese learners’ knowledge acquisition through subtitled audiovisual materials.
Submitted by miguelaoz on Mon, 10/07/2023 - 14:26