Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
A functional approach to audio description Publication Journal article
AD reception research. Some methodological considerations Publication Book chapter
Audio description crisis points. The Idea of common European audio description guidelines revisited Publication Book chapter
Audio description made to measure. Reflections on interpretation in AD based on the Pear Tree project data Publication Book chapter
Audio description training. A snapshot of the current practices Publication Journal article
Audio description. Concepts, theories and research approaches Publication Book chapter
Audiodeskrypcja jako intersemiotyczny przeklad audiowizualny. Percepcja produktu i ocena jakosci Publication Book chapter
Gestures and facial expressions in audio description Publication Book chapter
Media accessibility training Publication Journal article
Overcoming barriers. The pioneering years of audio description in Poland Publication Book chapter
Percepcja filmu a ogólnoeuropejskie standardy audiodeskrypcji. Polski wklad w projekt Pear Tree Publication Journal article
Polish voice-over of “In excelsis Deo”. Technical constraints and critical points in translation decision-making Publication Journal article
Projekt ADLAB i funkcjonalizm w przekladzie — w strone strategii audiodeskrypcyjnych Publication Journal article
Researching preferences of audio description users. Limitations and solutions Publication Journal article
Towards common European audio description guidelines. Results of the Pear Tree project Publication Journal article