Below a list of conference presentations dealing with media accessibility. Conference presentations can be listed according to "Title" or "Date" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Conference presentations
Title Date Author(s)
The quality of live captioning in the USA. Caption quality task force 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Łukasz Dutka, Kimberly Shea, Jen Schuck
"Sense and sensibility". Examining bias in human-generated audio description and machine-derived video captions and the implications for video description in a digital world 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Kim Starr, Sabine Braun
Machine translation for AD. Exploring the efficiency of post-editing for a multimodal text type 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Kim Steyaert
Transdescription. Human agency in translation of AD scripts 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Iwona Mazur
AD and SDH on Portuguese state-sponsored channels. State of play and where to? 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Cláudia Martins, Catarina Xavier, Susana Valdez, Sara Ramos Pinto, Silvia Malena Modesto Monteiro, Mariana Martins, Marta Morgado
AI and live captioning. Comparing the quality of automatic and human live captions in English 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Pablo Romero-Fresco, Nazaret Fresno
Human-machine performances in interlingual live subtitling with different "Englishes" 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Alice Pagano
Live subtitling quality on Polish news TV across six quality metrics 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Łukasz Dutka, Monika Szczygielska, Karolina Szeląg
Oral easy-to-understand language and audiovisual content. How do they mix? 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Marina Pujadas-Farreras
Accessible narratives for ADHD audiences 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Lacey Allen
Culture doesn't travel well unless a translator is involved. Using pivot templates in audio description 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Michalina Halwa, Alicja Zajdel, Anna Jankowska
The evolution of text elements in films. From intertitles to tailored subtitles 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Rocío Inés Varela Tarabal
Making accessibility agile. New challenges and opportunities 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Estel·la Oncins, Iris Serrat Roozen
Promoting accessibility and inclusion with subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH) as an AVT tool in the EFL classroom 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Anca Daniela Frumuselu, Antonio Jesús Tinedo Rodríguez
Co-creating accessible videos. The Mediaverse-CROMA experience 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Anna Matamala, Víctor García-Melero, Mariona González-Sordé
Accessible filmmaking training. A competency-based curriculum to train filmmakers in media accessibility 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Florencia Fascioli
The AVT pro certification. At the forefront of professionals’ agency 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Serenella Massidda, Noelia Marques-Cobeta, Jorge Díaz-Cintas
Modelling subtitling workflows. A roadmap for subtitling process research 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Anke Tardel
Pivot translation and direct translation. What’s the difference in quality? An analysis of two renditions of Netflix’s "Paranormal" into Polish 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Paweł Aleksandrowicz
Subtitling in the platform economy 06/07/2023-07/07/2023 Irene Artegiani