Clichés and stereotypes in audiovisual media. Italian stereotypes on German screens. Two Italian comedies translated into German
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Congreso Internacional sobre Trasvases Culturales. Traducción y Representación de la Identidad en los Textos Multilingües
“Benvenuti al Sud” (2010) and “Quo Vado?” (2016) are two Italian comedies that obtained great success in Italy. Both movies are built on typical stereotypes and clichés about Italians and specifically about people living in the South of Italy; but what happens when these stereotypes must be translated in order to reach a German-speaking audience?

This paper aims at presenting the translation strategies used for the dubbing of these two comedies: contrasting and comparing the two original Italian versions with the relative versions released for the German film market, the author will show how peculiar aspects such as stereotypes and clichés related to Italian people and their habits were transposed. Moreover, considering the significant presence in both movies of specific Italian dialects, the author will also focus her analysis on those strategies applied for translating Italian dialects into German. The paper will end with some considerations about the role of translator in dubbing, in particular about what kind of translation decisions have to be made and how to make them.
Submitted by Irene Tor on Sun, 06/10/2019 - 23:02