LiveTextAccess (LTA) EU Project. Skills of the real-time intralingual subtitlers and best practices in training
Conference name
PluriTAV International Conference
Languages and cultures are intimately related, especially in the age of Information Society, where Technology continuously triggers them to new levels of interaction. In this context, traditional training of language professionals within Translation Studies is no longer in line with the social and industrial needs, which are more and more evolving and differentiating in terms of methods (crowdsourcing, relay, and live), working possibilities (in presence and from remote), distribution opportunities (from massive to personalisation), and roles (translator, interpreter, and mediator). Moreover, the disruption of some automatic mediation processes clearly demands a fresh look at training future professionals. There is, then, a gap to bridge in training which requires defining training skills for professionals of language and cultural mediation (real-time reporters or subtitlers) and taking into account technical possibilities and industrial requirements. This presentation precisely deals with this topic. In particular, it will depart from an overview on training mediation skills in Audiovisual Translation Studies; then existing technologies will be defined in terms of impact on the services on offer; finally, the mediation skills required for the future real-time professionals and its implications on vocational and academic training will be discussed.
Submitted by Anita Fidyka on Mon, 28/10/2019 - 16:30