OPERA project. Accessibility to leisure and culture
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Media for All 8
The OPERA Project is an online portal for the evaluation and dissemination of accessible audiovisual resources pertaining to Spanish culture, heritage, tourism and audiovisual media. It also contains an evaluation tool that not only detects malpractices but is also designed to raise quality standards for accessible resources in its different action areas.

This project aims at expanding and promoting PRA2, a portal developed in a previous R&D Project (Plataforma de Recursos Audiovisuales Accesibles). Whereas PRA2 originally targeted audiovisual media accessibility, OPERA has a wider scope and also focuses on accessible tourism and museology. Project goals include the following: (1) evaluation of both new and existing accessibility resources by means of reception studies; (2) enhanced visibility of accessibility resources and of the agencies and professionals that create them; (3) publication of research project results for the effective transfer of knowledge to users of accessible audiovisual resources.

Within the OPERA framework, accessible audiovisual resources on the web portal are analysed and revised from a multidisciplinary perspective. Our methodology focuses on Tourism and Heritage Interpreting (Alcañiz & Simó 2004), as well as on History of Art, Artistic Education, Museology and visitor studies (Falk & Dierking, 2000). It also improves and extends reception studies (Helal et al., 2013; Fleming et al., 2011) considering that there is a lack of research in the analysis of the reception of audio description, subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH), and sign language interpreting (SLI) in the spheres of museography and accessible tourism (Soler & Chica, 2014).

In this sense, this paper will present the most significant results of the reception studies completed by users in the fields of museology, tourism and audiovisual media. Thanks to their feedback and insight, we aim at creating grounded quality standards in each action area that bring researchers, cultural institutions (museums, exhibition galleries, town halls, foundations)and private companies (film, TV and audiovisual producers, tourism promoters) together.
Submitted by Irene Tor on Mon, 08/07/2019 - 04:05