Type: Conference Presentation
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A game of Taboo. Black humour and manipulation in the Italian version of "Game of Thrones" Conference Presentation
Type: Publication
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Access to postsecondary education through sign language interpreting Publication Journal article
Accessible filmmaking. Joining the dots between audiovisual translation, accessibility and filmmaking Publication Journal article
Audio-description Publication Journal article
Audiovisual translation as a cultural counter-hegemonic device. A case study of English-Persian dubbed animations Publication Journal article
Audiovisual translation. Subtitling Publication Book
Audiovisual translators’ strategies in the pragmatics of (im)politeness. Insights from dubbing Publication Book chapter
Censorship and manipulation in audiovisual translation Publication Book chapter
Censorship or profit? The manipulation of dialogue in dubbed youth films Publication Journal article
Clearing the smoke to see the screen. Ideological manipulation in audiovisual translation Publication Journal article
Destinatarios y lecturas múltiples de "El principe feliz" de Oscar Wilde. Análisis de la adaptación fílmica de Rupert Everett Publication Journal article
Digital captioning. Effects of color coding and placement in synchronized text-audio presentations Publication Book chapter
Directing in reverse Publication Book chapter
Dubbing and redubbing animation. Disney in the Arab world Publication Journal article
Dubbing dark humour. A case study in audiovisual translation Publication Journal article
Film censorship in Franco's Spain. The transforming power of dubbing Publication Journal article
Ideological manipulation in interlingual subtitling. The Japanese-Italian translation of a “nyūhāfu” genderlect in the movie “Close-knit” by Ogigami Naoko Publication Book chapter
Ideology and subtitling. South African soap operas Publication Journal article