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(Vigo, Spain, 5-6 October 2017)

Internet and audiovisual media are transforming our world, but their potential cannot be realised until they become fully accessible and enable the participation of all citizens in everyday life. For this reason, media accessibility has become an essential driver of social inclusion and integration and has lately received recognition in the literature, in EU-funded research projects and in European legislation, such as the European Accessibility Act and the review of the AVMSD Directive.

Partly funded by the EU Commission (COMM/MAD/2015/01), the first Media Accessibility Platform International Conference aims to promote awareness and foster debate on the present and especially the future of media accessibility as a pivotal instrument for the social and cultural inclusion of all human beings, especially those with specific needs, such as deaf and blind users, persons with cognitive disabilities, foreign audiences, children, and the elderly in Europe and beyond. The conference will also serve as the official presentation of MAP (Media Accessibility Platform), the first digital cloud-based platform covering all matters related to research, training, professional practice and legislation regarding audiovisual translation and media accessibility around the world. It will also help to create the first multi-stakeholder platform to coordinate work on media accessibility done at an international level.

The conference aims to provide a platform for discussion that welcomes contributions on some of the following topics regarding media accessibility and audiovisual translation:

  • Legislation
  • Guidelines and standards
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • EU-funded projects
  • Descriptive and corpus-based studies
  • Reception studies
  • New approaches
  • Training
  • Professional practice
  • User perspectives

The conference will also feature guest presentations by some of the leading stakeholders in media accessibility at a European level including:

  • Joanna Wrona  (European Commission Directorate General)
  • Gion Linder (European Broadcasting Union, Swiss TXT)
  • David Wood (United Nations, ITU-IRG AVA)
  • Alejandro Moledo (European Disability Forum)
  • Jacques Lovell (European Broadcasting Union)
  • Alina Ostling (Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom)
  • Miguel Angel Valero (CEAPAT, Spanish Government)