Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
A shared responsibility in the administration of justice. A pilot study of sign language interpretation access for deaf jurors Publication Book chapter
Applications of the language laboratory to training in simultaneous interpretation Publication Journal article
Aptitudes y sinergias del intérprete para personas con discapacidad intelectual severa con el apoyo de la herramienta de comunicación EC Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual Translation. Language transfer on screen Publication Edited book
Barrierefrei, reguliert, gelenkt. Prinzipien optimierenden Eingreifens in Sprach und Kommunikation Publication Book chapter
Best practices in interpreter-mediated encounters with a visually impaired client Publication Book chapter
Computers helping people with special needs Publication Conference Proceedings
Comunicación sin barreras. Metodología para la formación en técnicas de traducción e interpretación para ciegos y deficientes visuales Publication Book
Curriculum to train interpreters for individuals who are blind-deaf Publication Book chapter
Film translation into ethnic minority languages in China. A historical perspective Publication Journal article
Five things you wanted to know about audiovisual translation research, but were afraid to ask Publication Journal article
From verbal to audiovisual medium. The case of the cinematic adaptation of R. L. Stevenson’s novel "The Wrong Box. Part I" Publication Journal article