Below a list of past and current projects dealing with media accessibility. Projects can be listed according to "Title", "Acronym" or "Duration" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Projects
Title Acronym Duration Principal Investigator(s)
Leading platform for European citizens, industries, academia and policymakers in media accessibility LEAD ME 10/2020-10/2024 Pilar Orero, Robin Ribback
A universe of media assets and co-creation opportunities at your fingertips MediaVerse 10/2020-09/2023 Symeon Papadopoulos
Digital Accessibility for You DA4You 02/2019-01/2021 Jimmy Rehak and Claus Sørensen
Interdisciplinary collaborative Initiative. Audio description for accessible communication ADACOM 2019-2022 Jana Holsanova
How the blind audience receive and experience audio descriptions of visual events 2019-2022 Jana Holsanova, Roger Johansson
Researching Audio Description: Translation, Delivery and New Scenarios RAD 2019-2021 Carme Mangiron, Anna Matamala
Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training EASIT 09/2018-08/2021 Anna Matamala
Live Text Access LTA 09/2018-08/2021 Rocío Bernabé Caro
Immersive Accessibility ImAc 10/2017-03/2020 Sergi Fernández
EasyTV. Easing the Access of Europeans with Disabilities to Converging Media and Content EasyTV 2017-2020 Federico Álvarez
Understanding Media Accessibility Quality UMAQ 2017-2019 Gian Maria Greco, Pilar Orero
Personalised content creation for the deaf community in a connected digital single market CONTENT4ALL 09/2017-11/2020 Giacomo Inches
Interlingual Live Subtitling for Access ILSA 08/2017-08/2020 Pablo Romero-Fresco
Scribit 2017-2030 Eveline Ferwerda
Serveis d'Accessibilitat Sensorial a les Televisions Catalanes. Situació Actual, Necessitats i Propostes de Futur SASTV 05/2017-05/2018 Sara Rovira-Esteva
Multimodal Translation with the Blind MUTABLE 01/2017-10/2020 Maija Hirbonen
La Traducción Audiovisual como Herramienta para el Desarrollo de Competencias Plurilingües en el Aula PluriTAV 2016-2019 Juan José Martínez Sierra
Inclusión Social, Traducción Audiovisual y Comunicación Audiovisual ITACA 2016-2019 José Luis Martí Ferriol, Joaquín Granell Zafra
Understanding User Responses to Live Closed Captioning in Canada URLC3 2016-2017 Jim Roots, Christie Christelis, Deborah I. Fels, Pablo Romero-Fresco, Pilar Orero
Audio Description. A Laboratory for the Development of a New Professional Profile ADLAB PRO 09/2016-08/2019 Elisa Perego