Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
Exploring the gaps in linguistic accessibility of media. The potential of automated subtitling as a solution Journal article 2023 Tiina Tuominen, Maarit Koponen, Kaisa Vitikainen, Umut Sulubacak, Jörg Tiedemann
Co-translation, consultancy and joint authorship. User-centred translation and editing in collaborative audio description Journal article 2023 Maija Hirvonen, Marika Hakola, Michael Klade
Accessing Northern Ireland’s contested past. Creating descriptive guides of the Maze and Long Kesh prison video tours Journal article 2023 Sarah McDonagh
Deaf translators in audiovisual media. The case of an inclusive cocreation laboratory in Uruguay Journal article 2023 Marcela Tancredi, Leticia Lorier, Yanina Boria, Florencia Fascioli
Erasure or over-exposure? Finding the balance in describing diversity Journal article 2023 Louise Fryer
Reconsidering the balance between standardisation and creativity in media accessibility. Notes on training Journal article 2023 Pablo Romero-Fresco, William Brown
The challenge of subtitling offensive and taboo language into Spanish. A theoretical and practical guide Book 2023 José Javier Ávila-Cabrera
Universalist, user-centred and proactive approaches in media accessibility. The way forward Journal article 2023 Gian Maria Greco, Pablo Romero-Fresco
Evaluating artistic opera co-creation. Main instruments and mid-process results Journal article 2022 Anna Matamala
Combining intersemiotic and interlingual translationin training programmes. A functional approach to museum audio description Journal article 2022 Chiara Bartolini, Marina Manfredi
Multimodal translations of contemporary China. A case study of 21st-century drama film posters for festivals Journal article 2022 Yuan Tao
User reception of minority and creative approaches to visual art AD. Poetry, metaphor, and synaesthesia Journal article 2022 Silvia Soler Gallego, M. Olalla Luque Colmenero
Audio description for dance performances. An artistic and collaborative approach Journal article 2022 Emmanouela Patiniotaki
Quality in translation. Planning and assessing museum texts Journal article 2022 Silvia Pireddu
Accessible filmmakers. Towards a professional profile Journal article 2022 Florencia Fascioli
Accessibility as a conversation Journal article 2022 Pablo Romero-Fresco, Kate Dangerfield
Accessible stories within mediascapes Journal article 2022 Gian Maria Greco, Alessandra Rizzo , Cinzia Spinzi
Designing, making, and validating accessible products and services. An updated account of users’ perspectives Journal article 2022 Blanca Arias-Badia, Joan Bestard-Bou, Irene Hermosa-Ramírez
(Main)streaming English dubs. A snapshot of Netflix’s playbook on dubbing strategies Journal article 2022 Lydia Hayes, Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano
Immersive, creative, inclusive. Areas of cross-fertilization between accessible captions for D/deaf audiences for the stage and for the screen Journal article 2022 Pierre-Alexis Mevel, Jo Robinson, Paul Tennent