Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
Working conditions and collaborative practices in the translation of French film. Subtitling "banlieue" cinema Journal article 2022 Hannah Silvester
Enough is enough. How much intonation is needed in the vocal delivery of audio description? Journal article 2022 Anna Jankowska, Joanna Pilarczyk, Kinga Woloszyn-Hohol, Michal Kuniecki
The quality of translation students’ transcriptions for subtitling in healthcare settings Journal article 2022 Oktay Eser
Evaluating audio description and emotional engagement for BPS visitors in a museum context. An experimental perspective Journal article 2022 Xi Wang, Danny Crookes, Sue-Ann Harding, David Johnston
Domestication and foreignization in interlingual subtitling. A systematic review of contemporary research Journal article 2022 Mariana Yonamine
Efecto de la terminología especializada en la velocidad de lectura de subtítulos en la modalidad de fansubbing. El caso de "The good doctor" Journal article 2022 José Luis Martí Ferriol
Designing a method to acessibilize visual arts for the visually impaired Journal article 2022 Alexandra Frazao Seoane, Vera Lúcia Santiago Araújo, Roberto Cesar Cavalcante Vieira
Uma proposta de tradução audiovisual em libras para os sons da natureza no filme "Corisco e Dadá" Journal article 2022 Raquece Mota Honório Cruz, Vera Lúcia Santiago Araújo, Alexandra Frazao Seoane
Defining and assessing artistic co-creation. The TRACTION proposal Journal article 2022 Anna Matamala, Olga Soler-Vilageliu
The Routledge handbook of audio description Edited book 2022
From the book to television and to the whole world. "Maya the Bee" in Basque Journal article 2022 Naroa Zubillaga Gomez
Sign languages in audiovisual media. Towards a taxonomy from a translational point of view Journal article 2022 Ana Tamayo
Easy language in the UK Book chapter 2022 Deborah Chinn, Susan Buell
A audiodescrição de imagens estáticas em contexto de formação docente. Uma ação extensionista em tempos de pandemia Book chapter 2022 Adriana da Paixão Santos
Easy language in Switzerland Book chapter 2022 Anne Parpan-Blaser, Simone Girard-Groeber, Gabriela Antener, Christina Arn, Rita Baumann, Alexandra Caplazi, Luisa Carrer, Cindy Diacquenod, Annette Lichtenauer, Andrea Sterchi
Addition to easy language in Sweden Book chapter 2022 Maria O’Donnell, Maria Ramdén
"Ut pictura poesis". The rendering of an aesthetic artistic image in form and content Book chapter 2022 Loretta Secchi
The question of accessibility Book chapter 2022 Gian Maria Greco
Audio description in Brazil Book chapter 2022 Eliana Franco, Vera Lúcia Santiago Araújo
Audio subtitling Book chapter 2022 Anna Matamala