Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
Subtitling and intercultural communication. European languages and beyond Edited book 2014
Audiowstep jako sposób na uzupelnienie audiodeskrypcji Journal article 2014 Karolina Maslowska
Projekt ADLAB i funkcjonalizm w przekladzie — w strone strategii audiodeskrypcyjnych Journal article 2014 Iwona Mazur
The visual multiplicity of films and its implications for audio description. A case study of the film "What Dreams May Come" Journal article 2014 Anna Maszerowska
Promoção da acessibilidade em televisão interativa (iTV). Proposta de um serviço adaptado a utilizadores com défice visual PhD thesis 2014 Rita Alexandra Silva Oliveira
Tradurre lo humor nei sottotitoli per ipoudenti. La Kiez-Komödie "Die Friseuse" di Doris Dörrie (2010) Book chapter 2014 Claudia Buffagni
Leichte Sprache in der Sprach- und Übersetzungswissenschaft Book chapter 2014 Christiane Maass, Isabel Rink, Christiane Zehrer
Synchrony in the voice-over of Polish fiction genres Journal article 2014 Katarzyna Sepielak, Anna Matamala
Audio describing text on screen Book chapter 2014 Anna Matamala
The reception of subtitled colloquial language in Catalan. An eye-tracking exploratory study Journal article 2014 Anna Fernández-Torné, Anna Vilaró, Anna Matamala
Accessibillity to digital society. Interaction for all Book chapter 2014 Pilar Orero, Javier Serrano, Olga Soler-Vilageliu, Anna Matamala, Judit Castellà, María Teresa Soto Sanfiel, Anna Vilaró, Carme Mangiron
O processo tradutório na campanha "Rosie the Riveter". A questão da visibilidade do sujeito com deficiência Journal article 2014 Érica Danielle Silva, Ismara Eliane Vidal de Souza Tasso
Fun for All. Translation and accessibility practices in video games Edited book 2014
Media accessibility in HBBTV. Interaction for all Book chapter 2014 Pilar Orero, Hohn Birch, Andrew Lambourne
Formar en accessibilitat als mitjans. Noves necessitats socials, noves tecnologies, noves propostes dinàmiques Journal article 2014 Anna Matamala, Pilar Orero
TV content delivery to PC, tablet, smartphone. From the accessibility vision into market reality Book chapter 2014 Pilar Orero, Hadmut Holken
Creación y gestión del conocimiento sobre accesibilidad universal en los medios de comunicación Book chapter 2014 Pilar Orero, Carme Mangiron, Anna Matamala, Helena Casas-Tost, Sara Rovira-Esteva, Anna Vilaró
PROLOG. Evaluating attentional capacity in special working centers kinect technology tasks for cognitive assessment of disabled workers Book chapter 2014 Anna Vilaró, Pilar Orero
From source text to target text. The art of audio description Book chapter 2014 Pilar Orero, Anna Matamala, Nina Reviers, Anna Maszerowska
Rhetorical dissonance of unsynchronized voices. Issues of voice-over in news broadcasts Journal article 2014 Pilar Orero, Ali Darwish