Below a list of publications dealing with media accessibility. Publications can be listed according to "Title", "Type" or "Year" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Publications
Title Type Year Author(s)
Easy language in Austria Book chapter 2022 Walburga Fröhlich, Klaus Candussi
"Ut pictura poesis". The rendering of an aesthetic artistic image in form and content Book chapter 2022 Loretta Secchi
Visitor studies. Interdisciplinary methods for understanding the impact of inclusive museum audio description experiences Book chapter 2022 Rachel Hutchinson, Alison F. Eardley
Audio description in museums. A service provider perspective Book chapter 2022 Anna Fineman, Matthew Cock
Audio describing churches. In search of a template Book chapter 2022 Ralph Pacinotti
The audio description professional. A sociological overview and new training perspectives Book chapter 2022 Elisa Perego
Audio description. A public broadcaster’s core business and headache Book chapter 2022 Gunter Saerens, Tine Deboosere, Jan-Willem Van Hoof
Profiling audio description service providers. A questionnaire-based snapshot Book chapter 2022 Irene Hermosa-Ramírez
Audio description and culture-specific elements Book chapter 2022 Anna Jankowska
Linguistic and textual aspects of audio description Book chapter 2022 Iwona Mazur
Narratology and/in audio description Book chapter 2022 Gert Vercauteren
A cognitive approach to audio description. Production and reception processes Book chapter 2022 Jana Holsanova
A profile of audio description end-users. Linguistic needs and inclusivity Book chapter 2022 Elisa Perego, Christopher Taylor
Access services for the blind and partially sighted. A social and legal framework for the promotion of audio description Book chapter 2022 Joan Bestard-Bou, Blanca Arias-Badia
The question of accessibility Book chapter 2022 Gian Maria Greco
Upper-class English in "The Crown". An analysis of dubbing and subtitling Book chapter 2021 Luca Valleriani
Fellini’s "Le notti di Cabiria". How is dialect vs. standard Italian rendered in English subtitles? Book chapter 2021 Francesca Raffi
Audiovisual translators’ strategies in the pragmatics of (im)politeness. Insights from dubbing Book chapter 2021 Vittorio Napoli
Reflecting on style and surtitles. The case of "Falstaff" by Giuseppe Verdi Book chapter 2021 Mariacristina Petillo
(Re)inventing the genre. The translation of the onē kotoba idiolect in the Japanese-Italian subtitling Book chapter 2021 Francesco Vitucci