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Audio description. The visual made verbal
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Book chapter
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The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation
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Audio Description (AD) allows persons with visual impairments to hear what cannot be seen at theater performances, on film and video, in museum exhibitions—in a wide range of human endeavor. Audio describers provide services in myriad settings, including multi-media events, educational venues, at circuses, rodeos, ice skating exhibitions, sports events, and on Internet web sites. AD provides a verbal version of the visual—the visual is made verbal, aural, and oral for the benefit of people who are blind or have low vision. But it has been shown to be useful for anyone who wants to truly notice and appreciate a more full perspective on any visual event. For instance, by using audio description, children's books can be made accessible to young ones who have low vision or are blind and more sophisticated language skills can be developed for all young people. A picture is worth 1000 words? Maybe. But the audio describer might say that a few well-chosen words conjure vivid and lasting images.
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