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Discourse analysis, pragmatics, multimodal analysis
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Book chapter
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Reception studies and audiovisual translation
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This chapter explores three approaches to AVT rooted in the linguistic tradition, but which can prove valuable in the study of the texts and of their reception, namely pragmatic, discourse and multimodal approaches. The first section discusses discourse analysis, and more specifically features of informal dialogue and their translation into other languages, as well as the use of corpus-based methodologies. The second section presents AVT research based on Grice, Searle, and Sperber and Wilson, with particular reference to the creation of humour. Finally, the section devoted to multimodality considers the various layers that contribute to defining the audiovisual text as multimodal, and how these can affect the audience. It posits that reception research will need to draw on the work of communication scholars such as Kress and van Leeuwen. The concluding section summarizes some of the methodological approaches that have been used in AVT, and also suggests that, apart from television and films, reception studies should also consider other genres, such as opera performances, tourist leaflets and news texts.
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