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"You fancying your gora coach is okay with me". Translating multilingual films for an Italian audience
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Book chapter
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Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility at the Crossroads
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This contribution aims to investigate how multilingual films are translated for an Italian audience. The study presented in this contribution focuses on three films directed by South Asian diasporic directors (Bend it Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice and The Namesake), in which communication takes place in more than one language. In addition, the films portray linguistic and cultural diversity. A small bilingual parallel corpus containing transcriptions of the original, dubbed and subtitled film dialogues is tagged for some of the main aspects of multilingual films, that is, instances of cultural references, code-mixing, code-switching and ethnolects. Taking into account both dubbing and subtitling, this contribution describes how such features are rendered in audiovisual translation (AVT) and in the different films. Several examples illustrate how the two AVT modes tackle the challenges posed by multilingual films. The translation strategies chosen by the translators are illustrated and commented on in an attempt to assess what the translators convey and whether they give priority to domestication or foreignisation.
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