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A estética cinematográfica como base para o desenvolvimento de uma estética de audiodescrição para a mídia e para a formação do audiodescritor
English Translation
Film aesthetics as a basis for the development of an audio description aesthetic for the media and for the formation of the audio description professional
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Journal article
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Portuguese, Brazil

This paper aims at presenting the results of a research held at Universidade de Brasília – UnB, between 2012 and 2013. We verified how the knowledge about the aesthetics of cinema helps in the process of analysis and making of the scripts and in the translator’s work, in this case, the audio descriptor. We also aim at discussing and exemplifying how the teaching/learning practice of audio description can be enriched as reflections on the translation process and implications of the choices made by the students are raised. The corpus of this study consists of two short films: “Intervalo”, 2009, with 10 minutes duration, an adaptation of the short story “Kew Gardens”, by Virginia Woolf, and “Uma vela para Dario”, also 2009, with 13 minutes duration, an adaptation of the homonym short story by Dalton Trevisan. The scripts were analyzed by the research group and we were advised by a member who is blind (also one of the authors of this article), which helped us consider fundamental aspects to the understanding of the audio description by people with visual impairments.
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