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Produção de cards para o Instagram. Uma proposta de letramento inclusivo
English Translation
Producing cards for Instagram. A proposal for inclusive literacy
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Journal article
Entrepalavras. Revista de linguística
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Portuguese, Brazil

This paper is a reflection that involves digital literacy, and multimodality in the guidance of the work of translation into Brazilian Sign Language, Libras, through some live streaming by the Instagram profile of the Escola Estadual de Ensino Fundamental e Médio Dom Moisés Coelho (Cajazeiras – PB). In this context, our goal was to produce guidelines for the development of these live streaming broadcasted by the school’s Instagram to propose methodological ways to enable the message in two languages - Libras and Portuguese - to make the transmissions accessible to users of these linguistic systems. We based our analysis on the concepts of Multimodality (ROJO, 2012, RIBEIRO, 2018), technical guidelines for translation and interpretation (FEBRAPILS, 2020), and other discussions about multimodality and inclusion. The methodology adopted is the Research-action, in a qualitative approach of descriptive nature. As a result, we developed a set of 10 explanatory cards with guidelines for live streaming considering the deaf and hearing audience. For this, the focus of the investigation consists of technical elements - sound, image, framing, camera positioning - and other multimodal elements such as audience live participation through chat and simultaneity of languages in the digital environment. This technical-methodological orientation aims to clarify to the public how guidelines for live streaming can favor the inclusion of the deaf community in the social network Instagram.
Submitted by María Eugenia … on Tue, 16/05/2023 - 12:03