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A tradução de humor, cultura e valores na legendagem do filme "Como treinar seu dragão"
English Translation
Translation of humour, culture and values in the subtitling of the film "How to train your dragon"
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Journal article
Tradução e comunicação
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Portuguese, Brazil

This article aims at describing the aspects of the process of subtitling in the movie “How to train your dragon” related to culture and values in the characters’ attitudes, as well as to present suggestions grounded in studies about translation of humor, adaptation and subtitling patterns. It indents to propose a reflection about the teaching and learning process of audiovisual translation which, besides the complexity inherent to the translation practice, must take into consideration that a film is a mean of audiovisual communication with a language system of multicodes that demands previous analysis of the filmic structure for the understanding of its plural significations; as well as the fact that it is subjected to technical limitations. Thus, it is established a model of analysis and practice based on strategies proposed by Perego (2009), Vinay and Darbelnet (1977) and the concept of adaptation as explained by Baker (2007). It is also an objective to discuss and exemplify how the teaching and learning of translation practice may enrich when students reflect about the process of translation and the implications of their choices.
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