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Virtual Reality. How are public broadcasters using it?
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Virtual reality (VR) has generated a lot of excitement in the media industry these last few years, especially with the significant involvement of internet and tech giants such as Facebook (acquiring Oculus), Google (with Daydream and JUMP projects) or even Samsung, Sony and Nokia to cite a few well established firms. VR is an innovative media format that offers new opportunities for content creation, storytelling and viewer engagement.

This report provides the EBU's perspective on VR. It gives an overview of EBU Members’ experiences and learning curves as they explore the VR sector. The report demystifies the different flavours of VR as well as the various technical challenges to be addressed to create a compelling experience. Last but not least, the report outlines EBU efforts to help Members succeed in creating high quality, immersive VR experiences and it outlines recommended next steps for EBU Members on their VR journey.
Submitted by Belén Agulló on Wed, 18/10/2017 - 15:52