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(Re)creating actuality in environmental documentaries. The case of "Before the Flood" Publication Journal article
"Alcohólica pederasta" o baby sitter ubriacona? Scelte ideologiche nel doppiaggio italiano di "Física o Química" Publication Journal article
"Fontane Effi Briest" (1974), de Fassbinder. Los subtítulos en una película con predominio del texto Publication Book chapter
"Mind you, that's just, like, a guestimation". A diachronic analysis of morphological creativity in American teen talk and dubbing Publication Journal article
"Well, uh no. I mean, you know". Discourse markers in movie conversation Publication Book chapter
“Why you talk like a white girl?" Linguistic identities in "Insecure" and its Italian dubbed adaptation Publication Book chapter
(Main)streaming English dubs. A snapshot of Netflix’s playbook on dubbing strategies Publication Journal article
(Re)creating language identities in animated films. Dubbing linguistic variation Publication Book
(Re)imagining the museum. Communicative and social features of verbal description in art museums Publication Journal article
(Re)translating culture-bound elements in "Gomorrah – the series". A corpus-based investigation into relocated identities Publication Journal article
A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A corpus-based multivariate analysis of linguistic norm-adherence in audiovisual and written translation Publication Journal article
A estética cinematográfica como base para o desenvolvimento de uma estética de audiodescrição para a mídia e para a formação do audiodescritor Publication Journal article
A socio-cultural study of taboo rendition in Persian fansubbing. An issue of resistance Publication Journal article
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18.º Congreso de Lenguas Minoritarias Event Conference