Type: Publication
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"The name of the rose". Novel, film, TV series between intermediality and transmediality Publication Journal article
“Ocean’s Eleven’s” stand-alone scene 12 with subtitles. A gift for teaching, what lessons for research? Publication Journal article
“Ocean’s Eleven” scene 12. Lost in transcription Publication Journal article
A cognitive approach to audio description. Production and reception processes Publication Book chapter
A functional approach to audio description Publication Journal article
A method for analysing multimodal research material. Audio description in focus Publication Journal article
Accessibility studies. Abuses, misuses and the method of poietic design Publication Book chapter
Accessible stories within mediascapes Publication Journal article
Applying multimodal transcription to Persian subtitling Publication Journal article
Audio describing sound. What sounds are described and how? Results from a Flemish case study Publication Journal article
Audio description for the non-blind Publication Book chapter
Audio description for the screen Publication Book chapter
Audio description for the theatre. A research-based practice Publication Book chapter
Audio Description in Dutch. A corpus-based study into the linguistic features of a new, multimodal text type Publication PhD thesis
Audio description in museums. A service provider perspective Publication Book chapter
Audio description. A practical application of multimodality Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation. Theories, methods and issues Publication Book
Best practices in interpreter-mediated encounters with a visually impaired client Publication Book chapter