Type: Publication
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Accesibilidad web Publication Journal article
Access symbols for use with video content and information and communications technology devices Publication Book chapter
Accessibility to theater for deaf and deaf-blind people. Legal, language and artistic considerations Publication Journal article
Accessible videodescription on-demand Publication Book chapter
An analysis of the reading strategies used by adult and student deaf readers Publication Journal article
An overview of audiovisual translation. Four methodological turns in a mature discipline Publication Journal article
Analysing solved and unresolved issues of an AVT collaborative task through the lens of activity theory. Implications for task design Publication Book chapter
Aptitudes y sinergias del intérprete para personas con discapacidad intelectual severa con el apoyo de la herramienta de comunicación EC Publication Book chapter
Audio description 2.0. Re-versioning audiovisual accessibility to assist emotion recognition Publication Book chapter
Audio description and textuality Publication Journal article
Audio description crisis points. The Idea of common European audio description guidelines revisited Publication Book chapter
Audio description from a discourse perspective. A socially relevant framework for research and training Publication Journal article
Audio description from the point of view of the describer Publication Journal article
Audio description. Evolving recommendations for usable, effective, and enjoyable practices Publication Book chapter
Audio description. New perspectives illustrated Publication Edited book
Audioeinführungen als Zusatzangebot zu Audiodeskriptionen? Publication Journal article
Audioguías para "los sentidos". Un turismo de todos y para todos Publication Journal article
Audiovisual translation in close-up. Practical and theoretical approaches Publication Edited book
Type: Conference Presentation
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AD decision making process. A look inside the describer’s head Conference Presentation
Age-oriented audio description Conference Presentation