Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Discapacidad visual y estudios de Traducción e Interpretación. Repercusión en las asignaturas de lengua y cultura francesas Publication Book chapter
(In)accessibility of the deaf to the television contents through sign language interpreting and SDH in Turkey Publication Journal article
A audiodescrição na mediação dealunos com deficiência visual no ensino médio. Um estudo com a disciplina de geografia Publication PhD thesis
A comparison of alternative narrative approaches to video description for animated comedy Publication Journal article
A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A corpus-based analysis of audio description Publication Book chapter
A method for analysing multimodal research material. Audio description in focus Publication Journal article
A new hope? Experiences of accessibility of services in deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences post-digital television switchover Publication Journal article
A report on a novice user's interaction with the Internet through a self-voicing application Publication Journal article
A shared responsibility in the administration of justice. A pilot study of sign language interpretation access for deaf jurors Publication Book chapter
A sociolinguistic approach to real-time subtitling. Respeaking vs. shadowing and simultaneous interpreting Publication Book chapter
A tool for social integration? Audiovisual translation from different angles Publication Journal article
A translational and narratological approach to audio describing narrative characters Publication Journal article
A user-centred study of the norms for subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing on French television Publication PhD thesis
Type: Conference Presentation
Title Type
A first look at quality in media accessibility Conference Presentation